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Why Should Cards Be?

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Graphics3’s astonishing pop-ups win attention and memories like no other cards, beating digital fatigue, placing the focus to your message and placing your message on display!  No assembly – just the magic of great design. No extra postage.

Our whimsically unique rubber band-activated Pop-Up Christmas cards magically transform in recipient's hands when removed from the envelope to become charming hand made paper miniatures – holiday gifts for the table – Christmas ornaments for the tree.  Unlike conventional pop-ups there's no cover to unfold from!

Your company name and logo can be imprinted on each matching gift tag attached - or just personalize by signing the tags.  All mail for a single 1st Class stamp.

More than a card; a gift, an ornament, a conversation piece - with you to thank!

Limited edition, personalized 3d pop-up greeting cards and calendars direct from Graphics3, America's original pop-up greeting card company and a family business for over 48 years.  Sold only to you, not in stores, so that the fanfare is yours.

Our Customers Say it Best...

“I have been ordering your Christmas cards for years and years and years.  Every year I get a few notes telling me how much the card is liked.  In fact, many save them and put them out each year.  This year was different.  I have lost count on how many people told me how much they liked the Santa’s Surf Shack card.  Great card!  Thanks.

Drew K.

“I ordered the Santa’s Spaceship from you guys early in the year and the cards arrived personalized and on time as promised. I sent out the cards late last week and they began arriving at their addresses by the weekend. How do I know they began to arrive? Because the recipients began to call and text me with nothing but “Wow”, “OMG”, “So cute!” and other positive comments.

Just wanted to say Thanks again for the great customer service, a great experience and such a neat product. I am more than pleased.
Merry Christmas,

Troy H.

Placentia, California

I have received 5 of your Xmas cards from one of our clients. Each year I look so forward to receiving their card…I always let them know how DARLING they are! I leave them up all year long on their own “special” shelf.

Valerie A.

I have received pop up Christmas cards for 20 years from a friend who recently passed away. I display the cards every year and get many comments.

Iris T.

Toms River, NJ

This is one of the best gifts I ever received, and I would like to share it with others.

Karen R.

Pittsford, NY

Thanks for starting a tradition with our customers and friends – they all wait for our Christmas cards – date them – and bring them out again every year – I enjoy the compliments!